Multigrain Persarattu (2 September 2015 )

1. MTR Multigrain Dosa Mix 1 Packet
2. Sprouted Whole Moong 2 Cup
3. Chillies, Chopped 2 Green
4. Piece Ginger,Chopped 2 inch
5. Capsicum and Tomato ,Sliced 1
6. Tbsp Ricebran Oil 2
7. Chopped Red Onions 1/2
8. Cup Chopped Coriander Leaves 1/4
9. Salt to Taste  



Grind the sprouted moong along with the green chillies ,ginger ,salt and some water.Add to the dosa mix; combine well. Heat a griddle; brush it with oil. pour a ladleful of the batter;spread evenly .Sprinkle onion and coriander leaves.Place capsicum and tomato slices; serve with coconut chutney.